Sorry for a double post

I just recently started binding my chest and going by the name Skyler.
I feel so much more at home, it's crazy. I'm going to the mall with a friend tomorrow. The first time I'm wearing the binding out. I'm sure I'll feel completely fine as opposed to the awkwardness of going out without it.

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Adrogynous couples

Hi I was wondering if y'all could help me out. I'm doing a craft project and I am looking for photos of androgynous couples. My ideal images would be of couples that were obviously together and in love, but both people would be so androgynous as to make it difficult to guess their biosex.

Thanks in advance.
A Star!

What do you think of me?

I take my advantage of my androgyny. I love crossdressing, and people have told me several times that I'm pretty passable, it makes me proud. Well what do you think?

I just joined this community today and I feel like sharing some of my pics. I'm a 19 year old Filipino male physically but sometimes I become a girl mentally haha XD Here's a few pics of me:

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How androgynous am I in your opinion?



I decided to play dress up

Again today.

I still think I make a better boy in make-up than not. But I put it to you. I'm actually showing myself here wqith no make-up and not all dolled up. what do you think? Do I look more manly in my jumpsuit or in my jeans or When I'm glammed out.

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(no subject)

I had my hair redyed the other day and I thought I would share the results.  I think that it is pretty and not really fem. or male particularly with my a-line that is finally getting closer to what I want. 
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new pink hair

HI I thought I would post pics of my newly dyed hair.  I went the other day and had some sections of hot pink put in, though it doesn't look that bright here, its pretty bright.  I love it and may get more of my hair dyed blond to make it pop even more.
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